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What is Families TogetherTM?

It is a monthly gathering of families who play, pray, grow, and serve together.

  • Strengthen your family in Christ
  • Connect with other families
  • Serve others together
  • Equip your family for homegrown faith
  • Have fun together


Who participates in Families TogetherTM?

Parents * Grandparents * Kids-birth to 18 * Single people without kids * Blended families * Single parent families * Empty-nesters * Couples * All Families

Families TogetherTM is an invaluable cross-generational faith formation experience. The group includes everyone from birth to 100-year-olds. It is never too early or too late for families to grow together spiritually. Small children may not completely understand what is going on, but they will come to understand that they are being included in something special. Children will see that prayer, talking about spiritual things and having fun with each other and other families is a value for their family. Teenagers will gain valuable leadership experience. Parents or grandparents will have fun with their family and have an opportunity to pass on family faith and values.

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