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In Accordance with the Constitution of Ascension Lutheran Church and School, the Mission and Ministry Group (MMG) is the governing body of the congregation and is responsible to administer all the congregation’s affairs except as excluded in the Constitution.  Those excluded matters are reserved for action only by the Voters’ Assembly.

Simply put, the MMG is the business board of the church.  They are responsible for dealing with facilities, finances, legal, and personnel.  The MMG has a fiduciary responsibility to the congregation.  In this capacity, they provide accountability to the congregation.

As faithful Christians first, and in accordance with Policy 3.02.03, members are “expected to be guided by frequent prayer and to work collaboratively in a Christian manner.”  This means that they are people of faith and a body of faith first, seeking God’s direction in all matters before the board.

Our church Constitution established the MMG as a policy-based governance board, sometimes referred to as the Carver model.  This means that they are not like more traditional church councils, comprised of chairs from the various committees, who tightly manage most of the day-to-day decisions of the church.  Instead, in accordance with ByLaw 9, they deal with the “topmost policies.”  The implementation is then up to the Senior Pastor, who is the CEO of our congregation.

In accordance with ByLaw 10, the MMG also deals with the implementation of the mission (long-range ministry plan) and vision (annual ministry plan – a.k.a. the Annual Work Plan or budget) of our church.  The MMG overseas the development of the Annual Work Plan, which is then presented to the Voters for approval at the annual Voters’ Assembly

As a policy-based governance board, they are responsible for the Ends Policies that describe the outcomes and results to be achieved by the ministry of Ascension through our Senior Pastor.  They are also responsible for High-Level Executive Officer Policies that direct the actions of our Senior Pastor as CEO.  Also, all committees, boards, task forces, action teams, etc. fall under the purview and authority of the MMG, except for the Board of Elders.

ALCS MMG Policies 06-25-19

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