Congratulations! You’re in love! And you want to spend the rest of your life together! We consider it both an awesome privilege and an awesome responsibility to walk with you through the process of preparing to be married.

Preparation for Marriage

The average couple spends 200 hours or more preparing for their wedding day. That’s as it should be. Every memory you create that day will be a memory you will treasure for the rest of your lives. But it is just one day in your life together.

Even more important than what happens on your wedding day are the things you will do to prepare for your marriage – your life together for the next fifty or sixty years!

Ascension’s marriage preparation ministry helps you address the following issues in the hope that your marriage will be as beautiful as your wedding day:

Giving your marriage a strong spiritual beginning

Helping your communication skills be strong

Handling conflict in a way that builds your partnership instead of tearing it down

Establishing a solid financial footing

Clarifying relationship roles and other marriage expectations

Discussing - What about kids?

Managing the inevitable tensions that result from two distinct personalities

Setting goals for your marriage – right from the start

Prepare Online Inventory

You and your fiancé will answer a set of questions tailored to your life circumstances. The inventory report will clarify your relationship strengths and identify areas which might need a little attention. You will meet with the Pastor conducting your ceremony to go over the information gathered from the inventory.

If you are interested in celebrating your wedding at Ascension we encourage you to look through our Wedding Manual. Please contact the Church Office at 520-297-3095 or by EMAIL for more information.

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